Our Mission

For the better part of the last decade, RJWAir has built it’s entire business model on providing a better service at the best price point available in the area. The most important facet to our business is to offer the most up-to-date services while providing world-class customer support. For this reason, RJWAir will soon be offering multiple high-speed fiber internet packages tailored to meet your specific needs. At RJWAir, we care about community, quality, and most importantly, our customers. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


Every day brings new high bandwidth demands and no one should have to wait or pay ridiculous prices for internet.  We have many affordable options in both fiber and wireless packages

Signing up for home and business phone options have never been easier.  We have many high quality affordable price packages available

From managed networks, running indoor dedicated fiber optics, to web design and hosting, we offer many professional managed services

We are Glasgow's only locally owned and operated internet service provider

Everyone deserves fast reliable internet and phone services, and they deserve even more reliable customer support that is available every day. Our mission and purpose is to bring you a service that is transparent and honest.

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